All the Mp3 from Upekha Nirmani

Title Album Year Listened
Oba Mage Kiya Unknown 2011 394 Times
Seethala Yame Unknown 2012 344 Times
Asipiya Yata Unknown 2011 356 Times
Bambarak Awilla Unknown Unknown 368 Times
Duka Ayemath Unknown 2011 376 Times
Govi Geethaya Unknown Unknown 443 Times
Hima Sulanga Unknown Unknown 389 Times
Mandaram Unknown Unknown 367 Times
Matama Lahiru Unknown Unknown 618 Times
Pihatu Panata Unknown Unknown 685 Times
Pivithuru Sithak Unknown Unknown 992 Times
Sanda Mitiyawathe Unknown Unknown 428 Times
Sanda Sisile Unknown Unknown 364 Times
Sihinayata Kalin Unknown Unknown 558 Times
Sudu Sela Unknown Unknown 349 Times
Unuhume Weli Unknown Unknown 361 Times
Yana Ena Unknown Unknown 387 Times
Sarpaya - Upekha Nirmani - Unknown 2012 416 Times
Thawa Eka Parak Unknown 2013 363 Times

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